Recalibrate: Virtual Mindfulness Retreat

Recalibrate: Virtual Mindfulness Retreat


Recalibrate Virtual Mindfulness Retreat is a 7 day experience happening February 19-26, 2018 where we will walk through accessible steps you can take to begin your journey to find a more intentional life. Each day you will receive a love letter to your inbox with a lesson + audio meditation. You will be added to a community of like minded seekers on this journey with you where you can ask questions, encourage others, and find lasting friendships! The audio meditations will be available for two months from the start of the course. The love letters are yours for life.



Q: Who is this for?

A: This retreat is for you if you are craving more mindfulness in life. Whether you are just starting on this journey, or needing a refresher, the content will help you experience life more deeply. 

Q: What is a virtual retreat?

A: A retreat designed for your busy schedule that can happen in the comfort of your home. All you need is an e-mail account, the ability to listen to audio files, and a desire to grow. The community does happen on Facebook so having a Facebook account is necessary to participate in that portion of the retreat.

Q: How long are the meditations? Are they difficult?

A: These 5-15 minute meditations were created to be accessible for those who regularly meditate as well as those who have never meditated before. 

Q: What is a love letter?

A. These letters are like short lessons, written from my heart to yours, with the desire to share the steps I've found to help me bring more mindfulness into my daily life. These are the steps I've taken time and time again to find transformation.

Q: What is mindfulness?

A: This retreat will answer this question for you! In brief, it is learning to live in the present moment and absorbing every ounce of life you possibly can.


“Prior to this week I felt 'stuck' and yesterday really helped me shift my perspective. I set my intention to be more curious, and asked more questions. I took the time to really soak in my surroundings. Last night I took a yoga class and carried my curiosity throughout my practice and tried new things, instead approaching the postures the same way that I always do I took my time and really noticed what I was doing. It was wonderful.” (Kelsey)

“I can feel things shifty slowly and my perspective taking on a new angle. My favorite part so far has been the community on the facebook page and people's open and honest evaluations of themselves. There are things I've been dealing with internally and never really been able to clearly articulate them. Then someone posts something and its like, uh huh!! THAT'S IT!! That's what I've been feeling!” (Abby)

“I woke up today and started rereading the emails again. This past week has helped me recognize tension and stress, and how to relax and soften through that. This experience has been life changing. Noticing the little things, finding my breath, softening, peeling back layers of the unnecessary, and focusing on what serves verses what does not. All things I hope to continue to practice moving forward.” (Annmarie)

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